If you are used to be the first, you love speed and dynamics and at the same time appreciate comfort, COBRA PERFORMANCE 2650 Ltd will definitely be your perfect choice. The motorboat's every part emphasizes the sports nature of this model: hull, sports chairs, powerful engine, Corsa overboard exhaust. COBRA PERFORMANCE 2650 Ltd can run at the speed of over 100 kmh, which classifies it as a high-speed boat. At the same time, the sporting nature of the boat does mean it's not comfortable. Numerous options include installation of refrigerator, environmental toilet, onshore charging, microwave oven, high-capacity stereo audio system, DVD player, and TV set, which will make your water recreation truly enjoyable.

Ukrainian-manufactured high-speed boat COBRA PERFORMANCE 2650 Ltd is made for people who prefer to be first in everything, even in recreation.

The boat's length (over eight meters) helps use the available space in the most rational way. Folding stern couch and sun tanning bench will make relaxation in the cockpit even more comfortable. Combined steersman's chair allows you to drive the boat both sitting and standing, while having an excellent view. The steering wheel has adjustable incline angle. Quite high board and windscreen protect the cockpit from splashing water, which will allow you to accelerate the boat to a breathtaking speed and easily maneuver it. Besides typical bow bunk and a luggage compartment underneath it, the cabin has two side couches. With this boat at your disposal, you can not only take your friends to ride the waves but go on a trip for 2-3 days.

COBRA PERFORMANCE 2650 Ltd is a boat for successful men who love real speed.

COBRA Performance 2650 Ltd Length, m 8.08 Width, m 2.59 Weight (with VOLVO PENTA 8.1 engine), kg 2425 Draft (with 600 kg load onboard), m 0.51/0.95 Maximum engine capacity, hp 500 Fuel tank, l 390 Carrying capacity, kg 1000 Maximum number of passengers 6 Number of sleeping berths 4 Hull deadrise at transom, degrees 22.

Cobra 2650 Perfomance LTD