Why did the cuddy cabin boat Cobra 2050 developers turn to the stationary engine?
The principal reason was that the boat with
a stationary power unit is a higher class craft and a considerable step forward in the cuddy cruiser Cobra 2050 model range.
Moreover, stationary engine is even more reliable, fuel-efficient, it has a longer service life,
improves the boat centration and it's exceedingly maintenance undemanding and produces lower noise level.
Besides, the dimensions of motor-boat Cobra 2050 are ultimate for a boat with an outboard motor.
For bigger boats inboards (stationary engines) are a basic option.

The very first launch showed that the inboard enabled cuddy cruiser Cobra 2050 to show all the advantages of its design.
It improved the boat's stability, made the course-keeping qualities even more precise and facilitated time-to-glide acceleration.
Owing to the engineer solution the useful space of the cockpit was increased permitting to place two-seat couch in the aft
that can be transformed into a Sun Deck. But you'd better keep in mind that what ever modification of cuddy cruiser
Cobra 2050 you ride - you make sure that it proves its bold nickname "Wild Thing"!

In 2005 Cobra 2050 received the Attestation of Conformity from BUREAU VERITAS,
which confirms its top quality and compliance to the International standards for the products of this class.