The first model COBRA 1850 CC, which made with the central console, was tested in Turkey with the engine at 150 hp (recommended 60-115 hp) and full capacity. Testing have shown excellent seakeeping ability. The boat is perfect for towing skiers, wakeboarders, inflatable towables or a paratrooper, that may be interested millmen. In December 2009, was launched in series two-console version of COBRA 1850 TC / SC. Before the manufacture of this boat were held detailed discussions of the future model with fishermen and hunters. After that, the constructors have already formed final demands for the boat. The new model is designed for active recreation on the water, fishing and commercial use.

The design of COBRA 1850 TC / SC is the possibility of a future owner to create a boat space by himself. You can choose different types of seats, the number of seats in the bow of a boat and even the type of windshield. Spaciousness of bow and stern parts gives maximum freedom in movement. Removable stern aft seat cushions, deck and storage areas are made with anti-slide coating. High side view of windshield provides good visibility and wind protection. Bow and stern rails provide safety in standing driving, even in large waves. With different completion options you will find from three to eight clothing storage in a cockpit. COBRA 1850 TC / SC is equipped with navigation lights, sound signal, automatic pump pumping water. More can be ordered: a set of full canvas with side and aft curtains, travel cover or cockpit cover, stereo, cockpit carpet, a table in the bow or stern parts, night eye electric lights, spinning holders, depth sounder (GPS), glass holders. There are possible installation of ski pylon for water-skiing and wakeboarding.

And finally, exactly what we are ready to vouch are boat contours of COBRA 1850 TC / SC, which can not be reproduced in metal, and which provide excellent sliding characteristics, high seaworthiness and maneuverability. And it's also the strength of the hull, high quality performance and used parts.

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