Scandinavian design: a combination of dark blue with white, high Self-draining cockpit, pragmatic "fishing" arrangement, handrails, railings around the perimeter and thoroughness in execution down to details. In Scandinavian countries these boats are used as for the transport of household goods, and for going on a picnic, for fishing too. This not big boat (length 4.5 m) is certified and CE is ideal for each of these goals. The rudder system is shifted to the stern, deck is not at all - a maximum volume of the cockpit. Here you can place a large number of cargo.

Storage areas: bow storage with drain and three quite roomy for such a boat - under a long-board seat, under the stern aft and console. Extracted from the on-board storage detachable cushions (with buttons) on the seats - storages are ready to download equipment and eating for a picnic. Passengers seated on the soft seats (on the passport 5 adults), and - away from the noise city, in nature. Fishermen are also likely to leave on a boat just stern aft cushions - the bow they want to work with spinning so that they can freely get on-board storages, and the fish quit without fear of getting dirty. Access to the board for almost the entire perimeter - that is necessary. Easier than ever to additionally equip the "glasses" for spinning - they must attach a special screw to the rail at the stern. Generally, from "pure" fisherman, this boat differs only in the absence of "urgent" seats and a long (aboard the side) storage for spinning - but no "fisherman" will not be as multipurpose in use.

Large storage covers (on-board and stern) are equipped with locks and hatch stay - easy to load / unload. Handrails in the bow go into the split pulpit - to the boat easily and safely enter from the bow. In the Skipper storage - a much needed here sink. At the stern end of the board seats built a pair of glass holders - it's very convenient. And for the transom on either side of recess arranged two small playgrounds, one of which is screwed on regular folding outboard ladder. Ergonomic rudder system with easy-deepening footrest at the bottom.. The entire perimeter of the windshield is framed with a tubular handrail (stainless steel), which docked with the board handrail - a practical and aesthetically pleasing. Under the cover of tinted plexiglass - rather deep "storage" with built-in lighting such as lights in storages.

Independent experts who held test-drive boat praised his seaworthy qualities. Maneuvering - also on the "excellent": mild heel, smooth circulation and always a good "hookup" the water. On test-drive the boat and could not "run skid": at the sharp u-turn of the helm, motor only predictable howled, capturing the air screw. Boat shows the right mix of good maneuverability with the safety for passengers.

Wheel with mechanical rods (felt the efforts of the rotation), but in "inertialess" performance the helm does not need to constantly keep from spontaneous rotation (inevitable with single screw transmission). Remote control, that with a horizontal platform upon which rests comfortably hand (fingers on the control arm), do not get tired. The hull operates a monolith, not rattles and vibrates the entire range of engine turnover.

Cobra 1600 Sport is the universal boat in the application, economical, easy to operate and comfortable on the move. "Piloting" on such vessel will give pleasure boat owner without a doubt. Cobra 1600 Sport is ideal as a family vessel for amateurs to alternate fishing with trips to the picnic.